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Date: 01/17/23 09:56
Turntable Question
Author: Jsporseen

This is a question from a person who is not especially knowledgeable about concrete.  A poster previously mentioned that they will not fill in the outside with crushed whatever until the concrete cures for 28 days.  I don't know if that is correct or not but, IF IT IS, will they then need also to wait 28 days befor installing the center pivot, the rail, and anything else that might have to be attached to the concrete?  Just curious about how long they need to wait to begin other things.  Might dictate how long I have to wait before heading that direction to try and get some pictures and or videos.

Date: 01/17/23 11:09
Re: Turntable Question
Author: wcamp1472

The center support and lower rim levels were poured many days ago,
& are preliminarily cured for use and could be fully loaded.

Some huge pours, like the Hoover dam from the mid-1930s, are still not 'fully cured',
and still are being cooled by the embedded water pipes --with circulating cooling water..

But, the Portland crowd is well schooled on when is sufficient time to cure &
fully load their concrete structures.

Keep in touch with the progress, and join me in continuing to contribute donation$ to the project.
Thank you, in advance, for your contribution.

I'm looking forward to seeing the installation of the truntable 'bridge' 
onto its 'trucks' and placed in the pit, and on the cernter bearing, and
circular rim-rail.  I'm also interested in the state-of-the-art turntable
electric motor control system that they use --- I'm betting on 3-phase,
variable frequency, solid-state motor & braking control, as well as
remotely operated track alinement locks, each end. ...

I'd bet that a weak 10-year old kid could spin the unloaded turntable, all by 
himself..!! ( or even a weak, 83-year old, like me ...)

I'm going to nick-name the turntable "Doyle".... 'cause he's easy to push around!


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Date: 01/17/23 11:42
Re: Turntable Question
Author: callum_out

They are reinstalling the rebuilt original motor as I remember but then it's possible to do a freq drive on any AC
3 phase motor though for this application might be a bit "silly".


Date: 01/17/23 13:18
Re: Turntable Question
Author: Jsporseen

I actually answered my own question as I only live 12 miles from the ORHC and decided to drive over and see if anything was happening.  It was BIG TIME and here are three pictures:  MY CURING QUESTION APPEARS TO BE MOOT
#1 workers measuring the radius from the center to the bumpers (or whatever they are supposed to be called) that the rail will be fastened to
#2 a cropped version of the of the previous picture maybe showing the bumpers maybe a little better
#3 the area by the inspection pit

Date: 01/17/23 13:20
Re: Turntable Question
Author: Jsporseen

A couple of short, poorly done vids

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Date: 01/17/23 13:23
Re: Turntable Question
Author: Jsporseen

I'm of the opinion that Arlen (and the Omega Morgan employee he talked to) is right and we will soon see the circular rail and center-pivot.

Date: 01/17/23 13:33
Re: Turntable Question
Author: nycman

Thank you and Arlen for your continuing coverage of the progress on this fascinating project.

Date: 01/17/23 13:46
Re: Turntable Question
Author: Jsporseen

I do not believe they are using rebuilt/old electric motors.  Below is a picture that was posted on October 8th I believe one of the rehabbed trucks with what sure looks like a brand a brand new motor.  If I remember correctly, the new motors do not even have to be as powerful as the old ones.

Date: 01/17/23 15:05
Re: Turntable Question
Author: callum_out

So it would appear that they replaced the motor, std AC synch drive, wouldn't be tough to put a simple
freq drive on that to do accel/decel functions, could have an account manager over there in minutes!!


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