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Nostalgia & History > Mo' Mountain View (Calif) Castro Station with SP SPINS

Date: 10/14/05 13:17
Mo' Mountain View (Calif) Castro Station with SP SPINS
Author: Bangers-with-Nikons

San Antonio opened in April 1999 and was open concurrently with Castro until Castro was closed on 6 Feb 2000.

See attached scan of an SP industry spur chart for the area. The Sears-Roebuck warehouse was razed in 2000 and replaced with condos. The spur vanished years before.

Date: 10/14/05 15:59
Re: Mo' Mountain View (Calif) Castro Station with SP SP
Author: sphogger

I remember the Sears spur. Picked up a few items at the warehouse with my dad years ago. Never had the occasion to switch the place though. Lots of that box car traffic was drying up towards the late '70's.

Spent many a day around the Cal Ave depot as a kid. I can recall a watertower there. If some don't know - the Cal Ave, station exit bridge across Oregon Expwy was originally built for the spur which behind the original shelter/station. There was a drugstore on Cal Ave until not too long ago which featured an arial shot of the Cal Ave area showing the entire area plus the Branch heading off towards Los Altos, wish i knew what happened to that poster!!

Palo Alto had several spurs as well.


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