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Date: 07/26/06 11:00
Arizona & California Shop Tour
Author: MacBeau

On an April morning back in ’92, I wandered into the headquarters of the A&C (coffee in hand) and got one of those “legal” intrusions. What turned out the best never got onto film, and that was the conversation with the A&C’s General Manager at the time. A delightful human being that upon discovering my interest answered my questions and regaled me with examples of their operations, human resource policies, and good fortune.
One of the stories involved A&C managements’ willingness to listen to their employees about more efficient methods and sharing for the first full quarter any money saved. A female engineer who had never worked for a railroad before suggested she be allowed to isolate half the power after cresting the hill east of Cadiz on the return trip to Parker. The idea was tried and three months later this same employee received a bonus check of $4K. There were other examples, but that one sticks out.
Con, I had some how missed in your first part about the tour being sanctioned, so thanks not only for the clarification, i.e., answering my dumb question, but the Alligators too! Listening to one of them try to find an idle speed was always an interesting past time.
Ironically, attempting to be surreptitious in Parker, Arizona not only seemed inappropriate but down right conspicuous, hence the change in tactics.
Be of Good Cheer,

Date: 07/26/06 14:51
Re: Arizona & California Shop Tour
Author: sbgabe

Dose anyone know the heritage of the big hook. I assume it is the same one that resides there today. At least it was still there when the 3751 went through on the way back from Arizona. It is now in A&C paint.


Date: 07/26/06 16:07
Re: Arizona & California Shop Tour
Author: kdrtrains

Not 100 percent sure but the boom car that is parked east of town on a wye, is lettered for La Hunta. If the derricks and boom cars stayed together, then this would be the ATSF La Hunta derrick.


Date: 07/26/06 21:54
Re: Arizona & California Shop Tour
Author: RS12394

You mean La Junta.


Date: 07/26/06 23:05
Re: Arizona & California Shop Tour
Author: CimaScrambler

What great luck! I was about to try the same thing a couple of years ago, but just as I was getting up my courage to pull into the office parking lot, I was preceeded by two of Parker's finest in their patrol cars, lights and sirens blaring. They pulled up at the house and rather quickly disappeared inside. I went on my way and ended up in Caliente as the sun went down.

- Kit

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