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Date: 07/27/06 11:04
Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: LenKratz

It has been 6 years since Amtrak/USPS 100 travelled across the U.S. celebrating 100 years of RPO service. More images to follow.

Williams, AZ. May 2000.

LK in AZ

Date: 07/27/06 11:07
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: LenKratz

The train.

Date: 07/27/06 11:11
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: LenKratz

The train at night.

Date: 07/27/06 13:57
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: Jim700

Thanks for the memories. I had a fun day on that train PDX-KFS including a segment viewed from the open platform of the Virginia City while my fireman was running. He had been back there earlier and just happened to be waving from the platform when into view comes our then-RFE who popped up in the middle of nowhere near Wicopee!

Date: 07/27/06 14:28
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: LenKratz

Coach at Williams.

Date: 07/27/06 14:38
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: LenKratz

Baggage car.

Date: 07/27/06 15:03
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: 1702

Boy, do I remember that & not fondly either. I was working the Sunset & we picked up "The Century Express"(at New Orleans IIRC), cut in behind #1's power. I mentioned to the conductor around Palm Springs or Ontario that he might want to make sure the train was wyed at LAUS so we could back in, as I was sure the whole train wouldn't fit on the platform if we did the normal thing & headed in.

Sure enough, we headed in & left at least 2 coaches & the Texas Eagle sleeper off the platform. The T&E crew bailed right away, so we have all these passengers, including some in wheelchairs, to get off the train & we're in the rocks! Switch crew comes along, cuts off the express cars & came back to pull our train to the yards. In the meantime, the platform supervisor is trying to get everything stopped before someone gets hurt, as of course the able-bodied (& some not-so-able-bodied) passengers want off & NOW. Most of them walked thru the ballast to the platform & on their way. The switch crew was finally instructed to spot the cars that were hanging out over to another track so we could detrain the disabled folks. The delay in getting the last passengers off was at least an hour.

Thanks for the memories!

Date: 07/27/06 15:05
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: NscaleMike

Having never seen this train before, I want to say thanks for sharing...very cool scheme!

Date: 07/27/06 17:13
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: BulletBob

Thank-you for the pictures. Has it really been 6 years?

One most interesting aspect of our visit to the train that day was the "hand stamp" table.

You could buy envelopes with a most distinguished looking unmistakable hand stamp of the day. I've forgotten now what it said beyond the date but the price was unusually reasonable. It was certainly quaint for some of my kids to see how it used to be done and really helped set the tone of our visit.

I don't know if that was part of the exhibit or just a local thing. But, we did promptly mail off
the envelopes to family and friends.

Date: 07/29/06 12:30
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: csx5000

the 100 is in the shamu scheme now. ive seen her twice once back in sept trailing on the 30 and just recently leading the 30.
railfan1 out
Ps wish i could have see this.

Date: 07/31/06 07:52
Re: Remembering "The Century Express"
Author: Gonut1

Videod that train on the curve through Malvern, PA at 90 + MPH.


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