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Date: 08/25/06 19:44
"Faux SD45"
Author: espee4ever

Thank you Red for the term, and it's enough to just know this unit once was a real SD45 (PRR 6192), but as an untouched SP, it proved a perfect subject even back-lit and parked.


Date: 08/25/06 23:00
Re: "Faux SD45"
Author: Red

I agree totally, my friend. It still LOOKS like an SD45, pretty much sounds like one, and, has all the reliability of an SD40-2. MK--when it was still MK--did an EXCELLENT job rebuilding these units at Boise, Idaho. Interesting process they developed--your "Faux SD45" actually still retains its original V-20 engine block. You probably already know this, but I found it fascinating the way MK found that with a laser cutting device, they could slice out the middle 4 cylinders, and with a precision fit and advanced welding techniques, put it back together as a V-16. The only thing needed: a new crankshaft. A standard V-16 crank.

They held up quite well, as time proved. Now--it is sad to see the SP paint go--but--the positive side of the story is that the UPRR has deemed these unique units "keepers", and, they are being thoroughly rebuilt, rewired, and spiffed up at the Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The SP cloth seats have been replaced with the newer "Captain's Chairs", new paint...they are as mechanically "new" as the day they left La Grange, IL. I'm quite as comfortable and content aboard one of these as I am on an SD70M or SD70ACe.

And EXCELLENT power set is an SD70M or SD70ACe leading two of these, or, one spliced in the middle between 2 70Ms or ACes. Or, a pure set of three. When you combine the throb of the 710 with the unmuffled howl of the 645s in the SD40M-2s or SD40-2Rs--what a sound!!! You know that this is a sound that can be heard for miles away in the night. Call me a "romantic"...it's a good feeling!!! ;-)

Date: 08/26/06 12:16
Re: "Faux SD45"
Author: NscaleMike

Here is one sitting recently sitting in North Las Vegas

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