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Date: 10/26/06 15:49
Author: MacBeau

I have yet to encounter a locomotive that epitomizes the antitheses of rapid forward motion the way a Shay does. The only parts of a Shay that would appear to have any claim to speed are the driveshaft, rods, and pistons—and the disproportionate ratio of speed between those three integral components and the locomotive’s movement was best described by a machinist who referred to that particular breed of steam engine once as, “The only sixty mile-an-hour exhaust you can walk next to.” Conceding his hyperbola and forgiving the preposition he left hanging at the end, the phrase stuck and has been confirmed every time I have been fortunate enough to find myself in the presence of one. As for the illustration, that would be Westside & Cherry Valley No. 7 switching for the enthralled crowd on a Sunday afternoon, 1979. I have not been to visit it her at Roaring Camp of late, a situation that needs correcting—and soon.
Be of Good Cheer,

Date: 10/27/06 05:19
Re: Anti-Speed

Sometimes we can get a Shay to give the illusion of speed, but not often.


Date: 10/27/06 12:52
Re: Anti-Speed
Author: Kimball


Date: 10/27/06 16:17
Re: Anti-Speed
Author: espee4ever

The ozone moves faster than a Shay. For that matter I have watched trees get bigger while waiting for a Shay to pass me. Love the shot Mac. Great post.

"The Octopus Lives"

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