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Nostalgia & History > WP Inside Gateway Train at Oroville

Date: 06/08/07 10:07
WP Inside Gateway Train at Oroville
Author: MaineLines

An eastbound Western Pacific train bound for the BN in 1981 passes the Oroville, CA depot, then works its way up the Feather River Canyon at Rock Creek, and heads up the Highline at Keddie http://www.trainorders.com//avshare/thumbnails//1975-medium.jpg

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Date: 06/12/07 12:06
Re: WP Inside Gateway Train at Oroville
Author: fredkharrison

Wonderful stuff here! Sure do miss the WP.

Fred Harrison
Central Point, OR

Date: 06/12/07 21:34
Re: WP Inside Gateway Train at Oroville
Author: rschonfelder

Thanks for putting this very valuable footage up there. This was the year I discovered the WP and am wondering if you did this footage around the same time I was there. I finished up exams at University and then raced down from Calgary to meet up with the UP double header in Ogden. The 3985 and 8444 were going across to the opening of the California State Railway Museum (May 1981). As the double header trip progressed my tolerance for the crowds diminished. Finally, at Norden, I had enough and went back to Truckee and headed north to Portola and saw the Wobbly for the first time. I felt like I had the run of the canyon since all of the foamers were chasing the "unreal" train.

Did you not shoot the whole train consist or did you just trim it down for the TO sharing?

Rick in Oz

Date: 06/13/07 07:43
Re: WP Inside Gateway Train at Oroville
Author: MaineLines

The runby at Oroville was the entire train but it obviously picked up more stuff somewhere before Keddie and I didn't re-shoot that whole train.

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