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Date: 07/16/08 21:08
UP 1,000 Mile Tree
Author: gra2472

Does anybody know if the original "Thousand Mile Tree" still standing?

Date: 07/16/08 21:22
Re: UP 1,000 Mile Tree
Author: somewherewest

There is a new tree near Devil's Slide with a sign about the thousand mile tree. It clearly is not the original - looks more like a big Christmas tree.

Chuck Donaldson
Portland, OR Tucson, AZ
Somewhere West of Denver

Date: 07/19/08 16:51
Re: UP 1,000 Mile Tree
Author: donstrack

In 1900, a landmark of UP's route in Weber Canyon was removed. By that time, the Thousand Mile Tree had died and it was removed in September 1900. Later line changes reduced the mileage at that point to 959.66, but in 1982 to commemorate the site, UP planted a new tree that has grown today to over 30 feet tall.


Don Strack

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