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Date: 03/11/10 14:51
Railroad Paperwork--Freight Conductor's Train Book
Author: SCKP187

Conductor's kept a book that listed all the cars and particulars of each trip. In the event of an investigation, they would be knowledgeable about what happened, cya and not have to use your job insurance.
I have scanned pages from my dad's books of Feb. 1967. At the time he was working the West end daily Salina-Ellis and return local Trn 157 & 156.
This particular day they were called for 430a, after picking up orders, bulletins and an air test they departed 545a
set outs and the time involved at milepost
arrived Ellis 1005a and called for their return on #156 1115a, met #17 the Portland Rose at MP272 Gorham, made a pick up at Ellsworth and the switched the salt mine at Kanopolis before arriving back at Salina and tying up 525p. GP30's were pretty much the normal local power on the KP in this era. During the course of all of his books you can see the progression from steam to GP9-GP20-GP30--etc. up to SD40-2 for power. Sorry I have rambled and have probably bored the old guys that have seen this stuff, but maybe the younger members didn't know of this record keeping from the past.

Thanks for looking.
Brian Stevens

Date: 03/11/10 15:43
Re: Railroad Paperwork--Freight Conductor's Train Book
Author: PRose

Great Stuff, Brian. Keep it coming!!
I was lucky to have worked with, not
only your Dad, but with both brakemen:
LBS (L.B. Smith) and BEM (Bill Murray).

Thanks for posting this.

Bob Helling

Date: 03/11/10 17:53
Re: Railroad Paperwork--Freight Conductor's Train Book
Author: ESYardmaster

Love working paper - it tells the story like nothing else. How about the lading weights? There's a change in forty years ...

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