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Nostalgia & History > Two scenes at Lindsborg, KS, 23 years apart

Date: 03/21/10 07:59
Two scenes at Lindsborg, KS, 23 years apart
Author: JoCoLB

Picture One shows the former Missouri Pacific Railroad depot at Lindsborg, KS, in 1968. The photographer was looking to the northwest.

Picture Two shows the vicinity where the MoPac depot previously stood, as viewed from north to south. This picture was taken on May 2, 1991, after the Union Pacific became owner of the former MoPac property. The straight track at right previously was the MoPac main line that extended from Kansas City to Pueblo. The track leading to the left was always part of a Union Pacific branch line that extended between Salina, KS, and McPherson, KS.

The MoPac crossed the Union Pacific at some point in Lindsborg at one time, but after the U.P.-MoPac merger, the U.P. changed its track configuration and operated its Salina-McPherson trains for a short distance on former MoPac rails. PRose can probably detail all of that better than I, since he has considerable first-hand knowledge about the Lindsborg railroad plant.

All of the tracks are gone in Lindsborg today. They were ripped out about 15 years ago. The former roadbeds have been utilized for walking trails.

Date: 03/21/10 21:24
Re: Two scenes at Lindsborg, KS, 23 years apart
Author: the_expediter

Sounds like a Swedish alien invader...

Date: 03/22/10 10:28
Re: Two scenes at Lindsborg, KS, 23 years apart
Author: switchlock

As I remember it, the depot sat about 3 blocks south of the locacation in picture 2. If you draw a line from the top of the sign across the old MP tracks, the point where they intersect is about where the interlocker would have been. It was a neat arrangement of a gate normally closed against the UP, a derail and derail indicator that were all operated off of the movement of the gate. I wish I had a camera back then. The connection track was previously there. UP beefed it up when they took out the interlocker and made the actual connection to the former MP tracks via a switch just west of Bridgeport, several miles east of Lindsborg. They transplanted a switch from somewhere near the MP/UP crossing, leaving it intact and moving it by flatbed to the new location near Bridgeport. Again, me without a camera or the foresight to document it.

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