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Date: 07/27/10 08:54
Flat spots......
Author: UPLasVegas

What are the rules governing flatfoots on wheels?.......We have all heard, cars at times pounding the rail as they go by and sometimes it looks and sounds scary. Are they allowed to be a certain length, before they are pulled from service for repairs. I've watched trains getting inspected as they leave the terminal with what i thought were dangerous flat spots on cars, and know one seemed to mind,.......can someone elaborate on this.

Date: 07/27/10 09:05
Re: Flat spots......
Author: mgwsy1978


1.34 Flat Spots
If a wheel on a piece of equipment has a flat spot more than 2-1/2 inches long, or if the wheel has adjoining flat spots that are each at least 2 inches long, the equipment must not be moved faster than 10 MPH. Such equipment in a train must be set out at the first available point.


71. Flat Spots
If a flat spot on a wheel of a car or engine develops en route, a member of the crew must inspect it. Upon completion of inspection, the train will be governed as follows:
a. Proceed at Normal Speed: The train may continue at Normal Speed if no other defects affecting movement are observed, AND if:
1. The flat spot is less than 2½ inches in length.
2. If there are 2 adjoining spots, each is less than 2 inches in length.
b. Proceed at 10 MPH: If a flat spot is found in excess of either of the above dimensions, but less than 4 inches, and no other defect is observed, two actions must be taken:
1. Speed must not exceed 10 MPH.
2. A report must be made promptly to the Dispatcher or Operator.
c. Remain Stopped: If a flat spot of 4 inches or greater is found, the train must remain stopped until a report is made to the Dispatcher or Operator. When determined safe for movement, the Dispatcher (or Operator when authorized by the Dispatcher) will order the car or engine to be set out at the first available siding or terminal.

Date: 07/27/10 09:43
Re: Flat spots......
Author: UP25198

FRA condemning limits for flat or shelled ot wheels 2 1/2" long or more,or two 2" spots adjacent to each other.This holds true for Locos,Passenger and freight cars.AAR/Amtrak have tighter standards that the are supposed to follow.

Date: 07/27/10 13:12
Re: Flat spots......
Author: RD10747

You can also correct flat spots with implants...

Date: 07/27/10 21:05
Re: Flat spots......
Author: ButteStBrakeman

Anyone on here know about "red shoes"?



Date: 07/29/10 00:00
Re: Red Shoes
Author: SPGP9

Are you referring to the brake shoes that are abrasive and clean up the wheels while the train is operating? We had some that we used to put on switch engines for that purpose. Mostly though, the switchers went to the wheel true machine.

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