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Nostalgia & History > Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's

Date: 05/22/11 16:14
Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: erie833

Delivery of new power in the early 70's, both freight and commuter, allowed the EL to start shutting down older units. I took this grab shot of a string of EL RS-2's sitting dead in Youngstown, Ohio in September 1975. Several were still stored when Conrail took ownership on April 1st, 1976, but few if any ex EL RS-2's got renumbered or ran for their new owner. If anyone has any photos of active ex EL RS-2's renumbered for Conrail I'd love to see them. The 913 and 905 head out in this line survived until C-day and were assigned CR numbers 5212 and 5206 respectively. Many former EL RS-3's on the other hand survived several years into Conrail before they were retired and scrapped.


Date: 05/22/11 19:27
Re: Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: SierraRailfan

Thanks for posting! My step-uncle worked for EL; and was later refused a job with Conrail due to physical issues that I don't recall; forcing an early retirement. That family relationship has resulted in a soft spot in my heart for the EL.

Sierra Railfan

Date: 05/22/11 20:37
Re: Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: wabash2800

Didn't the Erie & Western shortline, a remnant of the EL on the west end, have some RS units?

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Date: 05/23/11 04:05
Re: Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: dcfbalcoS1

Not sure about the RS3's on the Erie Western but I did see them using a former Long Island C420 I think. That was at Griffith, Indiana.

Date: 05/23/11 08:55
Re: Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: wabash2800

I looked it up and they had 3 C0420s and 4 RS-3s. I do not know if the RS-3s were former ELs.

Date: 05/23/11 13:37
Re: Scrap line Sunday, EL Alco's
Author: trainman630

The ERES's RS-3's came from the CNW.

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