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Date: 11/11/12 06:36
South Pacific Coast
Author: Copy19

Here's a ten wheeler on the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast. This was the railroad that ran from Alameda, Calif. down through San Jose to Los Gatos, then over the mountains the hard way to Santa Cruz. The print is undated without any note of location. Anyone have any ideas of where this was? JEB

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Date: 11/11/12 08:54
Re: South Pacific Coast
Author: TonyJ

Apprears to me to be anywhere between Alameda and San Jose. The terrain doesn't suggest anything west from San Jose to Santa Cruz.

Date: 11/11/12 10:32
Re: South Pacific Coast
Author: flynn

Found the dual picture below on a website. Now I am having difficulty again finding the website.

Picture 1, Above; South Pacific Coast #22 (Wulf Collection) about 1900. Below; As Carson and Colorado # 15, about 1930.

Date: 11/11/12 15:57
Re: South Pacific Coast
Author: flynn

I found the website with the picture. On the website go down the list of locomotives to the number 15 and then click on the picture on the right side of the page opposite the number 15.


Date: 11/11/12 20:43
Re: South Pacific Coast
Author: Copy19

Thank for the research "Flynn". A couple of connections to my life. Small world.

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