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Nostalgia & History > Ashtubula, OH circa 1947

Date: 11/12/12 06:26
Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: Copy19

Here's another one of those mystery prints that somehow found its way into my photo box. I have no idea who gave it me, but it sure is interesting. I always was fascinated by the far off eastern roads in the pages of Railroad and Trains magazines. But I never personally saw any of the New York Central. JEB

Date: 11/12/12 07:09
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: Bob3985

Nice photo from the collection John. I did get to see some NYC Geeps in Chicago and a few other models of diesels. Maybe I will need to slip into the dungeon and find a few to post.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 11/12/12 08:48
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: YankeeDog

Growing up next to the NYC I remember the 0-8-0s were are thick as fleas on a dog. If I am not mistaked they numbers around 700 in the U class. Nice pic.

Date: 11/12/12 09:35
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: Frisco1522

I saw quite a bit of NYC and NKP steam when I went to the BofLE Triennial convention in Cleveland with Dad in 1953. One of the tours was of the shops at Conneaut(sp?). The last live steam engine I saw in St. Louis in the '50s was a NYC hudson downtown.

Date: 11/12/12 09:52
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: Evan_Werkema

How did NYC, NKP, and PRR manage dock space at Ashtabula? Old maps look like the lines all converged along the river, then fanned out again at the lake. Did each company have separate track to separate docks, or was there some sharing going on?

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Date: 11/12/12 10:18
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: NKP715

Fantastic photo!!

NKP never had a dock in 'bula. The Pennsy had a smaller facility
to the west (photo left) on the other side of the Ashtabula River.

Pennsy and NYC trackage converged several miles south of the Harbor
at NP tower(Nickel Plate crossing) and ran parallel to the lakefront.

Date: 11/13/12 12:22
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: 4-12-2

Great image on a cold-looking day. Thanks for sharing, John.

John Bush

Date: 11/18/12 23:24
Re: Ashtubula, OH circa 1947
Author: halfmoonharold

The story I heard is that NP stood for (N)ickel Plate - (P)ennsylvania.

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