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Date: 07/20/13 16:14
Bennington Curve
Author: m1bprr

Bennington Curve.

Our first encounter with Benny, its rock out cropping, and signal bridge, was made in 1975, myself, Bill Strassner, set out for Bennington Curve one weekend, where we were to meet up with Snuffy Smith, Tinker Bonscher, and Switzy.

Well Bill, and I arrived around 1 am. Saturday morning after chasing the then Penn Central downgraded version of the Broadway from Harrisburg. We saw it at Lewistown, and Tyrone.

As we drove down the row down from Gallitzin, down the RR access road, we eventually came upon Snuff, Tinker, and Switzy. They already hacked out a clearing to park the vans. (Mine & Snuffy's, with no spare) As we back in, I get hung up on a tree stump, Bill says, Lemmie put on my glasses, and see what is blocking us.

After much jocking for position, we get into position, over comes Snuffy. Bill yells out "Snuffy Pressure feather!!!" (Referring to the pressure cooker incident which was one reason why Snuff was divorced. (Another story.) Tinker says, "You want a cold one?" referring to a Coke, which flowed in Stevie's veins. Bill Says, "Were cold from cold ones!"

About then, a westbound freight's helper come into view and hearing. The SD-45, of a two unit helper combination was howling up a storm! Burping! Shooting bursts of flames from the stack! Seems the SD-45 blew a turbo earlier in the day, but the PC in their infinite wisdom chose to let her continue to run, and destroy herself! Sure was a great show for all of us!

Many of great times were spent at this location, with many great fans. Charlie Smith, Steve Bonscher, Paula Bonscher, Bill Strassner, Barry Trogu, and his son, Paul Wilson, Walter Switz, Jim Boyle, Mike and Lorraine Wikman, Myself, and my boys, and many others. Soon there after, an article describing this spot appeared in Bob Reid's PC Railroader. The rest of railfandom discovered Benny.

Bill Strassner, Myself, Steve Bonscher, Charles Smith, Walter Switz, like to think we discovered Benny, or at least, made a suitable rail/camp site there back in 1975. I would think now in NS. Days if one dared venture
Ed K. cp. Laurel Run

Date: 07/20/13 16:18
Re: Bennington Curve
Author: m1bprr

Ed K.

Date: 07/20/13 16:19
Re: Bennington Curve
Author: m1bprr

Ed K. cp Laurel Run

Date: 07/21/13 19:47
Re: Bennington Curve
Author: beertrain

Great story and pics.

Date: 07/22/13 08:18
Re: Bennington Curve
Author: RRTom

Nice photos Ed. Tedd Young and some others wrote the article in RNE: "24 Hours at Bennington Curve", I think. They logged every movement. Tedd introduced me to the PRRT&HS. He died at a young age a few years later. RIP.

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