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Date: 08/13/13 20:02
Site to Get Old Railroad Songs?
Author: Agent

This might be a bit of an odd request, but does anyone know a place where you can download old railroad songs that are in the public domain?

Date: 08/13/13 20:42
Re: Site to Get Old Railroad Songs?
Author: Out_Of_Service


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Date: 08/13/13 22:41
Re: Site to Get Old Railroad Songs?
Author: Agent

Of course I've used Google.

I should clarify; it's not finding places to download songs I'm having trouble with, it's the knowing if the recording is in the public domain part. For example, I found this recording of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" that's available for download: http://archive.org/details/PaulTremaineOrch-IveBeenWorkingOnTheRailroad1929. Now from what I've found, the copyrights for a recoding from 1929 would have to have been formally renewed twenty-eight years later in 1957. I don't know if not being able to find any record of a renewal means there wasn't one, or if I'm really bad at doing searches.

I kept my original question broad in the hopes that someone here already knew of a site where there are old public domain railroad songs available for download to save the trouble of trying to look up copyright information.

Date: 08/14/13 18:55
Re: Site to Get Old Railroad Songs?
Author: upkpfan

Go to Library of Congress.com they have a free download of songs there and may have what your are looking for. upkpfan

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