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Date: 11/05/14 18:04
Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: ngfan

Montrose is a small town located between Durand and Saginaw at MP 20.8. It's depot last saw a GTW passenger train in 1963. From then until 2004 it sat lonely beside the line slowly wasting to the elements. Then a community group organized to save and relocate it 300 feet north of its location on a full basement foundation. Since then it has become a community building and modest railroad museum. The docent explained to me that the baggage room is a social hall that is rented out to groups that helps pay ft he upkeep and utilities. A modest charge of $50 for a hall rental that would easily accommodate 20/30. Attached are a few exterior and interior pictures taken this afternoon.

Top: Looking south towards a Durand and over to former location across street beyond trees.
Middle: Close-up of agents bay window.
Bottom: Looking north towards Saginaw.

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Date: 11/05/14 18:10
Re: Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: ngfan

Some interior pictures in this post.

Top photo: Agent Bay Window area is the office of the museum.
Middle photo: Board above original agent drawers/shelves shows the Time Table circa 1963.
Bottom photo: Another a Train board with the old GTW heralds.

Date: 11/05/14 18:13
Re: Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: ngfan

Photo to the left of clock shows original depot before baggage room addition doubled the size. Pic above is PM 1225 approaching the depot.

If you are passing through this area it's worth the time to stop and take a few minutes to tour and visit.

Date: 11/05/14 18:45
Re: Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: pt199

I'm very happy to see that beautiful building saved and doing well!

Date: 11/05/14 20:27
Re: Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: melloj

Very cool stuff. Thanks for posting this!


Date: 11/07/14 04:39
Re: Montrose, Michigan Depot Museum
Author: intermodalres

Glad to see that they fixed it up.

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