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Nostalgia & History > Kansas City April 1994.

Date: 01/06/17 12:04
Kansas City April 1994.
Author: SP2778

At The Goose Neck.
SSW 9074-SP9706(?)..
UP 2272-2278.
LMX-LMX-BN 2027.
UP 9176-9434(?).
SP 9312-9700-9701(?)
(B.M.Ernatt video).

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Date: 01/06/17 17:37
Re: Kansas City April 1994.
Author: ns2557

Think that leader might be the 9604 or 9674 perhaps?  If 9074 would be an SD45.  Ben

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Date: 01/06/17 23:35
Re: Kansas City April 1994.
Author: EricSP

9074 would have been a SP SD45. 9706 would have been a SSW GP60 that was not repainted for SP. It looks like they are SSW 9674 and SP 976x.

The second SP train appears to be SP 9342, SSW 9709, and SSW 9650.

Date: 01/07/17 08:20
Re: Kansas City April 1994.
Author: ntharalson

First of all, good stuff, thanks for posting. I really appreciate seeing these
videos and have come to appreciate HD cameras. Of course, we can go out and
shoot all this tomorrow, LOL!

I'm pretty sure the SP id's posted earlier are correct. On the BN train, the leader appears to be
8579, and the second is 85 something with 2927 as the third unit, one of the rebuilt
GP35's. The trailer on the UP train appears to be 9431. The CNW engines are rebuilt
SD24, aka SD18 6632 and GP38-2 46 something. Just FYI info.

Thanks again for posting.

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 01/14/17 19:16
Re: Kansas City April 1994.
Author: bnsfsd70

Very cool stuff, thanks for posting it!

- Jeff Carlson

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