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Nostalgia & History > "Chasing the Espee in Florida"

Date: 04/20/17 18:36
"Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: aussiehinz

In July, 1993, southbound CSX Waycross GA to Winston (Lakeland) FL Train 441 rolls down the Wildwood Subdivision, once the Seaboard Air Line's primary artery, through north central Florida behind a solid set of Southern Pacific power. SP locomotives were not unheard of deep into Florida, but a matched trio of them was still something worthy of note. I encountered the train at Orange Heights, and ended up following it on parallel US 301, all the way south to Ocala. Photos near Hawthorne (Milepost 707), at Lochloosa from the highway overpass, and at Ocala Depot.



Date: 04/20/17 19:04
Re: "Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: refarkas

That is certainly out of the ordinary. Great catch.

Date: 04/20/17 21:43
Re: "Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: ln844south

Not really unusual. Ran many pure consist of Espee power across northwest Florida out of Pensacola. L&N started run throughts with the SP handing them off to us at New Orleans in 1970-71. Espee power lasted until the Yellow monster whipped them out.
Ones we got going to JAX came out of Houston, T

Steve Panzik
Chiloquin, Or

Date: 04/21/17 00:24
Re: "Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: aussiehinz

I caught them fairly often on the Tallahassee Sub, as you've noted, on 601 & 602 between Jacksonville & New Orleans. I did not see them often heading toward Winston or Tampa.

Posted from iPhone

Date: 04/21/17 09:56
Re: "Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: retcsxcfm

Photo two,today is impossible.Tall trees line both sides
of the track.
BTW,I think both L&N and SP started to show up down here
in the late 80's.You were here then,correct?

Uncle Joe

Date: 04/21/17 21:13
Re: "Chasing the Espee in Florida"
Author: aussiehinz

Yes, Joe. Came in 87.

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