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Nostalgia & History > Un.Pac. Cajon-MP55.

Date: 07/09/18 10:22
Un.Pac. Cajon-MP55.
Author: SP2778

May 9, 1992.
UP 3678-3633-B2474-6005-3299-3594 West.
May 16, 1992.
UP 6282-CNW 8515 East.
(Bob Sinclair video).

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Date: 07/10/18 06:16
Re: Un.Pac. Cajon-MP55.
Author: tronarail

Great video.  I really enjoy watching these videos of trains from years ago. The variety of motive power, the entire train being shown, and the names of railoroads rolling by that have been "gobbled up" by the stronger lines of today.  Best feature of all in these videos of the past is....NO tagging or graffitti on any of the railcars! 

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