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Nostalgia & History > Hart's Donner Pass 150 Years Later- Canyon Creek Fill

Date: 03/14/19 19:09
Hart's Donner Pass 150 Years Later- Canyon Creek Fill
Author: BoilingMan

1.   Hart's photo is titled: BUILDING BANK ACROSS CANYON CREEK- 87 FEET HIGH.  As always, Hart loved cuts & fills.  Canyon Creek is a fairly deep gap the CPRR had to cross and did so with a fill rather than a trestle during initial construction.  In Hart's photo the stone culvert has been completed and now they're beginning to fill in the gap- a fill that will top out at 87ft over the creek when finished.
@.  Today's view- the culvert can be seen in about the center of this shot.  The culvert on this side is now concrete, not stone, a result of the fill being widened for double tracking around 1920. (give or take 5yrs-  it was a long project and I'm not sure when this section was completed)  The road in the foreground goes out to Casa Loma (Gorge on the RR).  This is apx MP 157.5 (a guess), just East of Towle.

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