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Nostalgia & History > Last Run of B&O's National, 1965 -- Bill Howes

Date: 05/14/19 17:51
Last Run of B&O's National, 1965 -- Bill Howes
Author: MartyBernard

I ask Bill Howes for a little more caption than he had written on the slide and here is his reply:

This slide of B&O Train #1, the  "National", at Camden Station, Baltimore, MD on September 6, 1965, depicts the last westbound run of that train over an entirely B&O route between Baltimore and St. Louis. Effective the next day the train's through coaches, slumber-room coach, and sleeper to St. Louis were handled between Washington and Cincinnati in C&O Train #1, the "George Washington". A limited local service was maintained over the B&O route between Baltimore and Cincinnati.

The Slumber-Room Coach "Wren", "1644" in the photo was a 16 duplex roomettes and 4 double bedrooms in a B&O "Bird" series sleeping car such as the "Wren". At  the time B&O was using some of its "Bird" series sleepers as economy Slumber-Room Coaches in lieu of the standard Slumbercoach. 

The actual consist for the train leaving Baltimore on September 6, 1965 was... 
B&O E8A 1437
B&O E9A 1455
B&O E7A 1426
B&O Office Car 902 (dead heading to Washington)
B&O Pullman-operated Sleeper "Paw Paw" (dead heading)
B&O Baggage-Dormitory-Coffee Shop 1318
B&O HW Coaches 3518, 3547 and 3572 (streamlined)
B&O LW Coach 5505
  B&O Diner "Akron" 
B&O Pullman-operated Slumber-Room Coach "Wren"
B&O Pullman-operated Sleeper "Cacapon"
B&O Pullman-operated Sleeper "Cascade Drive"

Thanks Bill,
Marty Bernard

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Date: 05/14/19 18:52
Re: Last Run of B&O's National, 1965 -- Bill Howes
Author: RodneyZona

Old B&O RR Batimore, MD based passenger train and engine crews worked to and from Washington, DC.

Date: 05/15/19 01:50
Re: Last Run of B&O's National, 1965 -- Bill Howes
Author: ClubCar

Another great photo from Bill Howes taken at Camden Station in Baltimore, Maryland.  That whole area is completely changed to where one would not recognize it as even the background beyond the train including the tanks in the distance are no longer there.  Thanks for the memories of the mighty B&O.
John in White Marsh, Maryland.

Date: 05/15/19 07:02
Re: Last Run of B&O's National, 1965 -- Bill Howes
Author: Tominde

Love these Bill Howes photos, especially workaday B&O passenger pics.   Are there more shots of this train and consist?

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