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Date: 06/12/19 16:57
South Buffalo pups
Author: EL833

South Buffalo switchers 32 and 33 work what I think was a yard near Tifft St in October, 1992.

Roger Durfee
Akron, OH

Date: 06/13/19 13:26
Re: South Buffalo pups
Author: SouthBuffalo1

That would be in the area of the Tifft Street yard.  The Hi Cube box cars would be for the Ford Stamping plant. Stamped parts are shipped to the Ford assembly plant in Oakville Ontario.  Coil cars were very common when the Beth Steel/Arcelor Mittal galvanizing mill was running.  That is gone now.  Gons are most likely for the Republic Steel bar mill which is still operational.  Steel blooms come in from other Republic locations on the gons to be turned into bar products.  Thanks for the memories!

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