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Nostalgia & History > One number from being very famous!!

Date: 07/22/19 09:17
One number from being very famous!!
Author: valmont

SP #4448, no location, no photographer, no date ... perfect for anonymity, but if the 8 were a 9 much notoriety would have been in its future!

Date: 07/22/19 14:00
Re: One number from being very famous!!
Author: krm152

Ineresting photo!  Sometimes its the luck of the draw.
Thanks for the super post.

Date: 07/22/19 14:17
Re: One number from being very famous!!
Author: SPDRGWfan

Handsome steamer.  I got to see sister 4449 come through Davis in the 80's when I lived there.  The first time was totally by accident.  I was a the Dairy Queen which was next to the N-S west valley mainline in Davis and heard a wail, which reminded me of a steam ship.  Along came 4449 right past bigger than life!   Second time I was living in an apartment next to the same tracks about a mile or so north and heard the chuff of a steam engine.  I grabbed my Pentax ME super hoping to get a photo and jumped into my 1971 Pinto with an empty gas tank.  When I caught up not far from Woodland CA, there was a long line of cars chasing 4449 so I had to give up the chase or run out of gas.

Cheers, Jim

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