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Date: 09/10/19 10:19
Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: cr7998

The Washington Terminal Company provided switching and other support services to the railroads using Washington (DC) Union Station (B&O, C&O, PRR, RF&P, SOU).  For most of its life, the Washington Terminal Company was owned by the B&O and PRR.  The company still exists today, almost wholly owned by Amtrak, but operated as a separate entity.  Washington Terminal crews shuttled passenger equipment between Washington Union Station and the coach yards north of New York Ave, where the passenger equipment was cleaned and serviced, and train consists were taken apart or assembled.  Washington Terminal Co also operated the engine service facilities at Ivy City, along New York Ave, east of the coach yards.  The Washington Terminal had a total of 27 RS1's, although some were sold off beginning in the 1960s as the number of passenger trains declined.  The oldest RS1's, 40-43, were built in 1944, while the newest were from 1950-51.  Photography of these units took some effort.  The right of way between Union Station and the coach yards was fenced off around 1970, and even then, security was tight around Washington Union Station and the coach yards, which were not accessible by public roads.  On several occasions, with assistance of WT employees, I was able to gain access to the property.  Here are some of the best shots that I got of WT RS1's.  

1.  #43 is next to K Tower, after shoving a consist into one of the station tracks, April 2, 1975.  
2.  #44 is coupled to an Amtrak consist on the western side of the station.  This photo was taken the day of the dedication of GG1 4935, May 15, 1977.  
3.  #59 is waiting for a signal (note the relaxed crewman in the cab), on the west side of K Tower, on June 28, 1976.  This view was taken from a Washington Metro train.  


Date: 09/10/19 10:35
Re: Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: cr7998

4.  In a view looking west from the Ninth St overpass, RS1 #40, the oldest unit on the roster, with build date of March 1944, is switching Amfleet cars at the coach yard.  Two more RS1's are visible in the yard.  A westbound B&O freight is passing overhead.  The New York Ave bridge over the north approach to Union Station is at upper left.  The tracks at left are the ex-PRR NEC mains, and for B&O trains between Washington Union Station and Baltimore.  January 23, 1977.
5.  Number 40 is shown again, moving a cut of Amfleet equipment, east of the Ninth St overpass.  The Ivy City engine facilities are to the right, behind the Amtrak cars.  June 28, 1976.  
6.  At the east end of the coach yard, the crew of #47 is preparing to couple to a consist.  In the background is the B&O bridge connecting their Washington (Baltimore-Washington) and Metropolitan (Washington-Brunswick) Subdivisions.  November 9, 1974.

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Date: 09/10/19 11:04
Re: Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: refarkas

First-rate photos.

Date: 09/10/19 11:05
Re: Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: robj

Great set!  love the one where you get tower and turntable in the shot also.

Bob Jordan

Date: 09/11/19 06:40
Re: Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: Roadjob

Great set of images. Yes, it was tricky shooting around that area. Most of my adventures there were hit and run!

Bill Rettberg
Bel Air, MD
commercial photography

Date: 09/11/19 06:56
Re: Washington Terminal RS1 Fleet
Author: Lackawanna484

Like it!  The photo from the 9th street bridge is very interesting.  Lots of detail about how the yards were laid out.

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