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Date: 10/08/19 08:21
The HARBOR in Chicago
Author: ghemr

 Officially named the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad, it's rarely called that in the Chicago area. Rather, it's simply "The Harbor" amongst their employees and other connecting carriers. Therefore, when they first painted their locomotives from black to orange they put their nickname in bold lettering.

1. NW2 8831  Blue Island, IL 9-24-83

2. NW 8811  Argo, IL date unknown

3. Cabooses 16 and 6   Location and date unknown but might be at Burnham, IL

Date: 10/08/19 10:06
Re: The HARBOR in Chicago
Author: Fiftyfooter

Digging these views of "The Harbor"! Looks like you were on "Harbor Patrol" there for a few years.
Nice work!

Date: 10/08/19 12:21
Re: The HARBOR in Chicago
Author: Seventyfive

" IH Belt, the road of friendly service. "
Overheard on the dispatcher's line, often, in the early 70's.
Always glad to see IHB photos, and that caboose in NYC green is a gem.
I will guess Burnham Yard for that photo as well.

Date: 10/08/19 15:27
Re: The HARBOR in Chicago
Author: refarkas

My favorite of these photos shows the two transfer cabooses.

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