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Date: 11/08/19 06:01
Uncle John
Author: texchief1

Can anybody tel me where Uncle John came from? I've always wanted to know but never asked.


Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 11/08/19 07:09
Re: Uncle John
Author: Evan_Werkema

Assuming you're referring to "Uncle John Santa Fe," like a lot of nicknames, its origins are hazy, but presumably it was in response to UP being dubbed "Uncle Pete."  See this previous thread for a little background: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?11,3208668

Date: 11/08/19 12:36
Re: Uncle John
Author: SvenMolson

I believe the John refers to long time president, John Reed.

Date: 11/08/19 14:31
Re: Uncle John
Author: trainjunkie

SvenMolson Wrote:
> I believe the John refers to long time president,
> John Reed.

That's what I've heard too. His nickname was "John Santa Fe".

Date: 11/08/19 14:39
Re: Uncle John
Author: santafe199

Sorry guys, here's partial quote from Art Gibson from this same subject 6 years ago:

"Uncle John" was around when my dad, William A. 'Bill' Gibson, started with the A.T.& S.F in 1927. Dad was very proud to be working for 'Uncle John Santa Fe'. 

 I can indeed remember hearing Bill Gibson use the same term, or just Uncle John a time or 2 before he passed. And I believe the same situation about Lloyd Stagner...


Date: 11/08/19 15:38
Re: Uncle John
Author: SvenMolson

News from six years ago is old news, outdated..  Gotta keep up with the times, political correctness and all of that stuff.

That being said, Sven still luvs ya.

Hat det bra,

Date: 11/08/19 16:31
Re: Uncle John
Author: santafe199

SvenMolson Wrote: > ... Hat det bra ...

Nahhh, I ain't got no bra, man...


Posted from Android

Date: 11/09/19 21:20
Re: Uncle John
Author: royalgorge

I have references to the uses of Uncle John in the Pueblo Chieftain dating from the 1876-1881 period including the Royal Gorge War

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