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Date: 11/08/19 11:05
F-Unit Friday
Author: SvenMolson

ARR 1508 Anchorage July, 1985 - My photo.
AT&SF 289C Denver January, 1973 My photo
BN 738 Auburn, WA  July 4, 1980 My photo.

Date: 11/08/19 11:11
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: SvenMolson

CB&Q 168A  Denver June 3, 1970 My Photo
CNW 219 St. Paul August 5, 1973 My Photo
CP 1410 Calgary September 10, 1978 My Photo.


Date: 11/08/19 11:19
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: SvenMolson

Milwwaukee 69C St. Paul August 4, 1973 My Photo.
MKT 79A Denver..  Forgot the date My photo,
Soo 213 A Minneapolis  August 5, 1973 My photo.

Ha det bra, I am going back to by cabin.

Date: 11/08/19 11:55
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: rbenko

Sweet post Sven!!!  Can never get enough F units!!  Love that first ARR shot.

Date: 11/08/19 12:39
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: stevelv

Great stuff.  Notice in number 5 the ex N&W C628 on the left not yet painted in CNW colors.

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Date: 11/08/19 12:45
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: gcm

Really interesting set.

Date: 11/08/19 16:34
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: santafe199

Good stuff, Y..... I mean Sven. Who says you can't teach an old dog old tricks...


Posted from Android

Date: 11/08/19 19:16
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: Ritzville

Really NICE and enjoyable series!


Date: 11/09/19 08:04
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: ntharalson

Good catch on the CB&Q 168A.  This was the only Q F unit that made the BN merger, and would be retired in aither July or August of 1970.  Thanks for posting!

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 11/09/19 18:43
Re: F-Unit Friday
Author: hawkinsun

Yep, I diid notice the N&W C628 still in blue.   I got to see them in Blue, Dark Green, and Green&Yellow paint schemes, and got in trouble for always looking out the window of my school when I was supposed to be watching my studies and teacher.  Those were interesting times on the C&NW when they merged with the CGW and the M&StL.  Lots of bright colors.  My school looked across a large field to the tracks where the C&NW went over the Milwaukee Roads C&M main on a big diagonal truss bridge. Before those Alcos I watched the end of Milwaukee steam there too, and then the steam funeral trains.  What memories.  That was at Northbrook/Techny, Illinois.  The Milwaukee, the C&NW, and the ALCOs are long gone but the bridge is still there surounded by suburbia and factories.

Craig Hanson
Vay, Idaho

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