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Nostalgia & History > Flare Friday, hammerhead style

Date: 11/08/19 17:40
Flare Friday, hammerhead style
Author: EL833

With N&W six axle power being very scarce on the hometown former AC&Y lines in Akron, Ohio, I would venture down to Brewster to see some big N&W power. On November 16th, 1980 a westbound is departing Brewster with SD45 #1703, a geep, and a UP GE. Looks like the trailers are doing all the work.

Roger Durfee
Akron, OH

Date: 11/08/19 18:27
Re: Flare Friday, hammerhead style
Author: refarkas

That curve makes this even better. Another first-rate photo.

Date: 11/08/19 19:36
Re: Flare Friday, hammerhead style
Author: briancdn

Great photo. It looks like the SD45 is getting pushed along!

Brian N.

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