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Nostalgia & History > Tower 55.

Date: 11/30/19 13:47
Tower 55.
Author: hank

Santa Fe passing Tower 55 Ft. Worth, Texas.  July 1995..

Thanks for looking.

Ron Hirsch
Springfield, Mo.

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Date: 12/08/19 10:06
Re: Tower 55.
Author: rbenko

Nice!  Are those tanks or mobile artillery pieces (without the gun barrel)?

Date: 12/21/19 14:44
Re: Tower 55.
Author: Atlpete

I think those are "Bradley" APC's, you would see a lot of Army armour, trucks and large trailers entrained on flats on this route going to or from Ft Hood.
I really like the unusal number of RR company owned freight cars on this, not many 'x' cars which is kind of unsual IMO, also all the old rebuilt power.
This was GREAT!!!

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