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Date: 03/24/20 09:06
Strawberry Lanes Forever (L&N)
Author: EL833

With apologies to the Fab 4 of course. One of my favorite locations to see and photograph trains in Louisville, Kentucky was the road that paralelled the tracks between the Louisville and Nashville shops and Osborne yard, Strawberry Lane. While not the scenic highlight of the area, it provided an up close look at the movements and one could sometimes grab multiple shots if the power was interesting. On a November 27th, 1981 afternoon we see a set of L&N four axles on a southbound. Even back then I was wishing those U boats would have been on the point, but the passing of a few years has made even that basic gray dip leader a bit of a gem. The yellow horn paint helps :) I have not visited this location in years, but I imagine one can still see CSX trains rolling alongside the Lane.

Roger Durfee
Akron, OH

Date: 03/24/20 10:10
Re: Strawberry Lanes Forever (L&N)
Author: refarkas


Date: 03/24/20 18:27
Re: Strawberry Lanes Forever (L&N)
Author: srman

Excellent shot from my backyard. I usually drive by the area several times a month and it has changed dramaticly. All the business's and homes on the east side of the tracks were torn down several years ago for airport developement and relocation of Crittenden Dr. The several crossings around there have also been eliminated as well. Still though a good area to veiw the trains. Thanks for posting the shot.

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