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Nostalgia & History > Oakland Terminal Ex ATSF GP7 2197 At Night, February, 1992

Date: 07/29/20 21:32
Oakland Terminal Ex ATSF GP7 2197 At Night, February, 1992
Author: FiveChime

February, 1992, Oakland Terminal Railway, former Santa Fe GP7 2197 working after dark.
Howard Wise was working for OT at that time and added the non ATSF standard oscolating light to the locomotive
and Five Chime Consultants leased them the former Western Pacific M5 horn. 
When UP took over WP, the nicely tuned small orfis Nathan M5 horns, standard on most WP hood units, were
scrapped in favor of the lower quality but easier to maintain, Leslie S3 horns, standard at the time on UP. 
For a very short time the old M5s could be purchased for $50 out of UP the scrap bins at Omaha, and  other locations.
The M5 featured here is now on WP 713 on The Niles Canyon Railway but time has taken it's toll on the nice tuning
from 1992.
1. Bringing cars from Port of Oakland along Maritime Way
2. Shoving cars back into the OT yard after crossing the old bridge over the SP.

OT is long gone now and much of the trackage shown has been removed.

Regards,  Jim Evans 

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