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Date: 08/01/20 15:07
Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: santafe199

This isn’t exactly a progress report, but I’m sure it’ll serve as part of a future “then & now” thread. This is the single main track, approaching Matfield Green, KS. In my old Santa Fe days from 1978 ~ 1987 it was the Middle Division 4th District (Ellinor ~ Wellington). By 1994 Santa Fe was calling it the Eastern Division, Emporia Sub (KC “Amtrak” Station ~ Wellington). Nowadays I believe it’s “BNSF Kansas Division, Emporia Sub”. (Subject to correction, as usual… :^)

There’s a 32 year gap between each trio of shots, and it’s still single track both in eras. But change is imminent. According to projection, by 2023 the entire Emporia Sub between Kansas City & Wellington will be 2 (at least) main track CTC. So the shots I have here will be changed forever.

Feel free to post comments or questions. I gotta grab my cameras and go running out for another possible spectacular sunset … :^)

1. 2. & 3. AT&SF 8780 leads train 326 F-1 w/ M. M. “Mike” Bush at the throttle. Image #1 shows the Wayne Rogler Ranch grounds not visible from KS highway 177. Image #2 shows the 326 curving up “Crocker Fill” toward the east siding switch at Matfield Green, KS. Note the eastbound train waiting patiently in the siding.
Photo date: September 6, 1980

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Date: 08/01/20 15:08
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: santafe199

4. 5. & 6. BNSF 6848 leads a multi stack/autorack train, tracing the 8780’s path 32 years later. Note the encroachment of trees & general foliage around the Crocker “Plantation” grounds. All four “away” views are looking timetable west. But as the crow flies it’s just about due south.
Photo date: May 3, 2012.

7. 8. & 9. Insert future Double Track shots here.
Date as yet unknown.

Thanks for looking back & forth!
Lance Garrels

Date: 08/01/20 15:27
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: 3rdswitch

Too bad. An area I regrettably only visited once.

Date: 08/01/20 15:41
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: UP951West

Really super slides around Matfield Green, Lance. Thanks for sharing these views  . Matfield Green is one of my favorite train watching spots
Lance, do you know how the town got its unusual name ? . --Kelly

Date: 08/01/20 16:09
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE series! Sure liked the 1980 train.


Date: 08/01/20 16:17
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: twjurgens

An open auto rack in the second pic!  Wow!  You must be old:)

Date: 08/01/20 18:00
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: LocoPilot750

Lance if you don't mind, I'll send those first three photos to Mike Bush. He'll love to see them. He quit the RR to try something that didn't work. Became a long haul trucker for 15-20 years. Retired a couple of years ago, lives south of Lecompton.

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Date: 08/01/20 18:29
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: santafe199

No problem, Dennis. Tell him hello, for me...

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Date: 08/01/20 19:54
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: SD45

Good Picts of days gone by.

Date: 08/01/20 20:24
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: wabash2800

Thanks for sharing. I really like the photo of the two trains meeting in the unusual topography and the "S" curve.  I also like the lack of graphiti.

Victor A. Baird

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Date: 08/02/20 07:56
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: texchief1


I can't get my bearings straight on picture1.  I've never shot that shot and I've been on Theater Hill.  Are you behind Rogler's house in this shot?


Randy  Lundgren

Date: 08/02/20 09:12
Re: Flint Hills DT supplement
Author: santafe199

texchief1 Wrote: > ... can't get my bearings straight on picture1 ...

You're probably trying to make it more difficult than it really is. Both images #1 & #4 were taken from what I call the "backside" of Theater Hill, looking north (TT east). You can get these shots and move parallel to the track south about 20 yards (give or take) to get the away shots. And there are countless variations of possible angles & focal lengths you can use. ..

and to 3rdswitch: When the new track is finished, this scene may not be that drastically altered. To be sure, they'll have to cut into the hill to the right of both trains. But it just might open up some classic "S-curve" photography from both ends.


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