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Nostalgia & History > How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]

Date: 09/15/20 15:25
How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: flynn

On 092506 I posted the following,
I am looking for information on a man who was 21 years old and living in Bowie county Texas at  the time of the 1920 U.S. Census, January 17th, 1920.  Sometime in 1921 this man moved to Colorado and became a railroad telegrapher for the D&RGWRR.  The enclosed attachment has been copied from the 1920 U.S. Census and shows the occupation and the employer columns for this man’s father and the other members of this man’s family.  The items I am interested in are on the ninth line of the attachment.  Does the UBN relate to the Burlington Northern Railroad?  I have found out that the Burlington Northern goes through Bowie County, Texas.  What does the U stand for or is it a U?  Can anyone read the word or words in the occupation column, the column to the left of the column with the UBN? 
Picture 1, 1920 U.S. Census.

Date: 09/15/20 15:30
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: flynn

Someone from Trainorders answered that the UBS is USN [United States Navy] and the word is Boatswain's Mate.  Trainorders does not show this posting or the reply.  If the person who made this reply is still a member please send me a reply by private message or by reply to this posting. You saved me from a possible wild goose chase. 
Later I found out that the man I was looking for spelled his name with a d [Rufus F. Rodgers].
Everywhere I looked the name was spelled without a d. 
Picture 2, An article in the Green Light [a newspaper for Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad employees].  1941

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Date: 09/15/20 15:33
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: flynn

Picture3, Dotsero to Chacra

Date: 09/15/20 15:35
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: flynn

Later the CTC was extended to Cameo. 
Picture 4, Google map of Dotsero to Cameo 

Date: 09/15/20 15:37
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: flynn

The next day I received a private message.
Date: 09/26/06 20:57
The man from Bowie County Texas
From: xtra1188w .
I found your post of great interest to me. My Dad was born in Mangum, Gregg County in what is now Oklahoma in 1900. I think that this might have been a part of Texas back then. Where is Bowie County Texas? My Dad and his family lived for a while at Bowie ("city" of) Texas prior to 1911, when my grandad died. My Dad was a boomer telegrapher back in the 1920's for a period of time, but after he married in the early 1930's he ended up on the D&RGW as a telegrapher. He worked for the D&RGW up until the time of his death in late 1963. There seem to be several almost parallels between your 1920 D&RGW Telegrapher and my Dad, I wonder if?....
Con Sweet

Date: 09/15/20 20:34
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: Frisco1522

I miss Conn.  He was one of the good guys.

Date: 09/16/20 12:09
Re: How I Met Xtra1188w [Con Sweet]
Author: SP3775

I too became a big fan of his postings and I have enjoyed going back and looking at his older posting too. Rest in peace "Con", we miss you.

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