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Date: 11/19/20 20:56
TBT... "#121"
Author: aussiehinz

CSX Chicago to Jacksonville FL intermodal train #121 swings off the (then) single tracked Jesup Subdivision and onto the double tracked Nahunta Subdivision at Folkston GA, for the final 35 miles into Duval Ramp, the intermodal facility serving Jacksonville. The three ex Seaboard System B36-7 locomotives leading the train are very typical for the era. Seaboard System (and predecessors) called their intermodal trains "TOTE" (Trailer On Train Express) trains, and these General Electric units were often nicknamed "Tote Boats." In the future, busy Folkston would gain prominence as a noted junction point to watch and photograph trains on CSX, and the community would eventually decide to embrace its significant railroad heritage and erect a public platform especially for that purpose.  September, 1987

Date: 11/19/20 23:43
Re: TBT... "#121"
Author: 8notch

Nice shot and thanks for a little history lesson on the Seaboard. I remember seeing these units on trains heading from Miami to Homestead Florida back in the late 70's and early 80's crossing over Miller Raod ( sw 56th street) and also crossing over Galloway Road (sw 87th ave) which was about 5 blocks from my house. 
Robert now in Lagrande Oregon 

Date: 11/20/20 06:16
Re: TBT... "#121"
Author: retcsxcfm

Started going to to "railroad heaven" in the nineties.
It was the nearest place to where I live,to see the
number of trains.Too bad, now the traffic is way down.

I did an article about Folkston in some railfan magazine
back a few years ago.
 Aussie's picture is a month before I left CSX.

Uncle Joe

Date: 11/20/20 10:41
Re: TBT... "#121"
Author: refarkas

Interesting train and location - Great posting.

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