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Nostalgia & History > Introducing trackmaps: Richmond to Oakland 1965

Date: 03/31/21 17:41
Introducing trackmaps: Richmond to Oakland 1965
Author: phthithu

We have completed another set of trackmaps for you to enjoy. This covers the area from San Pablo to San Leandro, but we titled it Richmond to Oakland, for simplicity sake. This video is a little introduction with a few tutorial like tips on using the collection. 

You need Google Earth to view the collection--the desktop version not the web version. Although, you can load the kml into Google Earth for Web and take advantage of the high resolution aerial layer and 3D buildings there. But the mosaics won't work and I couldn't get the industries and locations layers working, either. 

You can download the collection from Google Drive here (600MB download): https://drive.google.com/uc?id=11xdeQRdHQwl_1fIRfyyhMW3CeegJbYNI&export=download

Please post your questions in this thread. Thanks to Kilroydiver, Stash, and Philgos for their invaluable help on this. Also would like to acknowledge KeyrouteKen and Evan Werkema and others whose posts in the archives of TO were also valuable in researching Key and SP transbay commute operations. 

I'm going to post some further explanatory notes later this evening after dinner. 

The image with all the text is what shows up if you click the hyperlink on the parents folder--in the video it just showed up as a white box because screen recorded program doesn't capture that. Crazy computers!


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