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Date: 04/07/21 13:26
Crossing protection.
Author: MP4093

 Working the Tulsa Drillers baseball games in downtown Tulsa gave me opportunities at the busy Elgin street crossing to see and occasionally photograph some interesting things. One evening the UP local stopped to switch the BNSF interchange tracks at the old Tulsa Union Depot, a move that requires them to cross Elgin St back and forth several times. In order to keep the crossing occupied and closed to traffic while working over it they simply dropped the shoving platform (caboose) in the middle of the street and switched from the next track over. Clever way in a quiet zone with quad gates to keep automobiles out of your work space. When finished, just pick up the red car from the intersection and leave. MP 13098 on 07/22/2011.

Date: 04/07/21 14:29
Re: Crossing protection.
Author: refarkas


Date: 04/07/21 15:48
Re: Crossing protection.
Author: Copy19

I'll bet any motorists held up didn't understand the train crew's safety concerns.

JB - Omaha

Date: 04/07/21 16:19
Re: Crossing protection.
Author: PHall

It's an industral area so I wouldn't bet on much vehicle traffic after dark.

Date: 04/07/21 19:33
Re: Crossing protection.
Author: MP4093

Actually the Caboose is on BNSF Avard Sub Main 2, Main 1 in the foreground and the UP connection behind. About 40 trains a day cross here, an industrial spur with a double track main over a busy 4 lane road. But most drivers downtown know this and use one of the 4 overpasses or one underpass instead.

Date: 04/07/21 23:03
Re: Crossing protection.
Author: ERAD

This is one of the moves you have to do just to get done in less than 12 hours.

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