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Date: 04/22/21 17:33
SP ferry Garden City
Author: GreenFlag

Here's the former Southern Pacific ferry "Garden City" where it was located for many years along the south shore of the Carquinez Strait, near Crockett, CA and inland from San Francisco Bay. Photo taken on 2-18-78. It was used as a sport fishing pier until the late 60s or early 70s. It hadn't been used for ferry service since the late 1920s. It burned to the waterline in 1983. There is a newer fishing pier located there now.

Date: 04/22/21 17:59
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: GoldenState

Its two steam boilers are still there in the mud and a little bit of the stern. You can still see it from the Capitols, San Joaquins, 11, 5, and 6. Its nice to see what it used to look like!

Thanks for posting!

Fremont, Ca

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Date: 04/22/21 18:09
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: GoldenState

Hopefully this one is orientated properly.

Date: 04/22/21 19:25
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: krm152

A super interesting photo.  Thanks for your posting.

Date: 04/22/21 22:38
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: wpamtk

The area in the foreground of the first photo is now part of an East Bay Regional Park called "Eckley Pier" and the public fishing pier is next to the ferry's remains. Great place for train-watching.

Date: 04/23/21 01:48
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: Evan_Werkema

Some photos showing the beached Garden City at Eckley as it looked in the mid-1950's are in this old thread:


Date: 04/23/21 07:22
Re: SP ferry Garden City
Author: moonliter

Back in 2017 I spent a week or so exploring/riding the rail lines in and around the San Francisco area.  I saw the wreck from the southbound Starlight but was not quick enough to get a shot of it.  No problem, I had planned to return to San Martinez for a day visit, so this time I would be ready when my train passed the site.  When I got home I labelled my photos but had no additional info to add to my "old ship wreck" photo, that is until today.  Thank-you for your wonderful post.

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa ON

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