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Nostalgia & History > Whole Train Video: SOO Detour

Date: 09/12/21 10:08
Whole Train Video: SOO Detour
Author: MacBeau

Back in July 1993, the SOO found itself unable to reach Kansas City over its own rails thanks to a five hundred year flood on the Mississippi River. Not sure how many trains CNW detoured for them, but this westbound was recorded at Turner Junction.
Be of good cheer,

More video from this era available here

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Date: 09/12/21 11:13
Re: Whole Train Video: SOO Detour
Author: gonx

Very nice with a SOO caboose on the rear.

Date: 09/12/21 15:47
Re: Whole Train Video: SOO Detour
Author: espee4ever

Great video! The collection of mixed cars sans graffiti is wonderful to see, along with the whole train. Thanks for sharing this great video.

Date: 09/13/21 08:39
Re: Whole Train Video: SOO Detour
Author: ntharalson

Good one, thanks for posting.  I suspect this was a detour for Clinton as the Soo was largely under water from La Crosse to Clinton.  Notice all the ADM traffic in the train.  The detours probably went Soo to Chicago, CNW to Clinton and back to Soo.  I don't recall a service interruption between Clinton and Kansas City but there may well have been one.  In that case, the detour would have gone west to Nevada and the connection to the Spine Line, then back to their "own" rails at Polo, MO. June and July were interesting months in Iowa.  

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

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