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Date: 01/16/22 05:00
Cold Signal Sunday
Author: bandob

Brrr, 9 degrees this morning in the Mid-Atlantic.  Just the day to post cold signals, near Elkhart, IN, seen from the dome of the Capitol Limited some years ago.


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Date: 01/16/22 06:01
Re: Cold Signal Sunday
Author: AndyBrown

Oh man this brings back good memories!  I rode that dome car many times back and forth to Virginia when I was in the service.  I loved that era.  So nice that you got this shot of CP421 in Elkhart.


Date: 01/16/22 09:31
Re: Cold Signal Sunday
Author: ironmtn

Neat image -- thanks (with the chill and all...). I got to ride the Lake Shore with a dome, also in winter, one time years ago on that same ex-NYC trackage. Very memorable! If I'm correct on the location, the train is rounding that sharp curve just east of the Elkhart depot that vexed NYC and its successors for many years.

A similar classic ex-NYC signal bridge stood at the Elkhart depot, just east of the platform, complete with its own smaller array of Type G tri-light signal heads. It was bypassed a couple of years ago by a realignment project that NS did and which moved the tracks southward a bit. The signal bridge stood for awhile without track beneath in an area which NS then fenced in to secure signalling equipment bungalows. It was eventually demolished. Is the rumor I have heard true that it was saved for eventual display at the National New York Central Museum over on the other side of the tracks? An image below of the signal bridge formerly at the Elkhart depot, with the museum over on the south side of the tracks, from July 2, 2017.

I can't think of another signal bridge of that distinctive New York Central type that's still standing. I recall another one from a few years back that I stumbled across east of Toledo, either at Oak Harbor, Ohio or near Port Clinton, Ohio. I was around that area last summer, and as best I could tell, there was none still standing at either location. Anyone have any intelligence about any of this type which may still be in service?

Thanks again for a fine memory of Amtrak travel back in the earlier times....domes, winter, and all.


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