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Date: 05/14/22 09:35
Help.Unlabeled Negatives Location Needed
Author: spider1319

What I know.Probably SP  in California early seventies.I found this stranger among others going through my negatives.This is what you get when you do not pay attention to detail.I was going to remember all this info forever.Bill Webb

Date: 05/14/22 12:40
Re: Help.Unlabeled Negatives Location Needed
Author: wp1801


Date: 05/14/22 13:23
Re: Help.Unlabeled Negatives Location Needed
Author: Evan_Werkema

The setting, track arrangement, and type of station are right for Whittier, CA, which used to stand at 11825 Bailey Street.  The depot has since been moved to 7333 Greenleaf Ave. in Whittier and repurposed to become the Whittier Transportation Center:


Very old photos as well as current ones show it with a large chimney on the waiting room end, but that could have been removed at some point.  As unreinforced masonry, chimneys don't travel well, so in any event the one on the depot presently is almost certainly a replica:


Can you read the signs on the ends?

Date: 05/14/22 14:33
Re: Help.Unlabeled Negatives Location Needed
Author: spider1319

The sign reads metals of some kind ,but is barely legible.I thought maybe Whittier too,but was not sure.I once had a damaged shot of a train in Whittier ,but foolishly discarded the photo.Never do this,lersson learned the hard way.Thank you for your input.Bill Webb

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