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Date: 06/22/22 13:21
UP Triclops
Author: JanGAustin

Here's SD 60M with its three windshield configuration leading the westbound Redding Turn through Chico, California on its way back to home base Roseville at 11 AM on July 14, 2010.

Jan Austin
Chico, CA
Photography by Jan G. Austin

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Date: 06/22/22 13:52
Re: UP Triclops
Author: PasadenaSub

Great photo, I always thought the SD60Ms looked sharp in that scheme.


Date: 06/22/22 15:38
Re: UP Triclops
Author: jgilmore

Nice one, always liked the triclops...


Date: 06/22/22 16:47
Re: UP Triclops
Author: santafe199

PasadenaSub Wrote: > ... I always thought the SD60Ms looked sharp in that scheme ...

I would agree. I thought UP's scheme was the best at hiding the awkwardness of a 3-window set-up. Personally I've always wondered what the designer was smoking the day he put that down on the drawing board. It was certainly swept under the carpet fast enough when the following, 2-window version of that model 'hit the rails'...


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