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Date: 06/23/22 17:02
5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: MartyBernard

1. PC GE U23B 2755 built Aug. 1973 and became CR 2755, no location, Aug. 1975, Karl Miller photo.

2. PC GE U23B 2765 built Sept. 1973 and became CR 2765, no location, April 1975, Karl Miller photo.

3. PC GE U28C 6528 built Sept. 1966 and became CR 6828, Milford, CT, June 1972, Karl Miller photo.

Date: 06/23/22 17:03
Re: 5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: MartyBernard

4. PC GE U30B 2839 built Feb. 1967 as NYC 2839 in Devon, CT on Dec. 31, 1975, Karl Miller photo.

5. PC GE U33B 2956 built May 1970 and became CR 2956, location unknown, Oct. 1976, Karl Miller photo.

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Date: 06/23/22 17:12
Re: 5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: stevelv

Marty first two look like they're on the Reading west of Allentown.  Last one looks to be in Ohio or Indiana.  Thanks for the shots as always

Date: 06/23/22 19:14
Re: 5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: Gonut1

Not too sure about the first 2 being west of Allentown. I can't place a black cinder road anywhere along that part of the Reading. The signals certainly look Reading, but the red and white radio tower and road just don't feel right.

Date: 06/24/22 07:52
Re: 5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: Roadmaster

Photo #6 is an eastbound on the Panhandle about to cross the ex-Erie Lackawanna mainline at North Judson, IN.  It was not until very late in the life of the EL that the telegraph/code line pole in the foreground had only one crossarm on it; most photos I found showed four.

Matthew Dittert

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Date: 06/25/22 17:18
Re: 5 Penn Central U-Boats
Author: Roadmaster

Photos #1 and #2 were taken in South Bend, IN.  The street Karl is on is Prinz Court, and the street crossing the tracks in photo #1 is Lee Street.  PC 2755 is eastbound and PC 2765 is westbound.  This location is about 1/2 mile east of the junction with the Grand Trunk coming in from Kalamazoo.  The red and white tower in the background of photo #1 still stands and is located along side the Chicago-Toledo main west of the Miami Street underpass.  A NYC signal cantilever is barely visible in photo #1 as well.  It still stood in 2011 and is visible in this Google street view from 2011:


Matthew Dittert

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