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Date: 11/24/22 07:25
Does anyone remember me?
Author: santafe199

Art Gibson bagged an overhead shot of Uncle John’s once famous snow plow. Here’s a link to a brief action shot from happier days: ( WAG Wednesday: Bill Gibson in the Snow (trainorders.com) ). Last I saw of the old veteran, it was sitting buried in a backlot on the Topeka Shops grounds east of the Branner St overpass...

1. AT&SF rotary snow plow 199361 sits in Argentine, KS on June 27, 1982.
Original Kodachrome slide by William A. Gibson (WAG) Jr.
From the James T. Wilson collection

Thanks for looking back!
Lance Garrels (santafe199)
Jim Wilson (jtwlunch)
Remembering the late Art Gibson, aka ‘wag216’

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Date: 11/24/22 07:54
Re: Does anyone remember me?
Author: texchief1

Nice shot!

RC Lundgren

Date: 11/24/22 08:18
Re: Does anyone remember me?
Author: Roadmaster

"My, what big teeth you have!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Lance.


Date: 11/24/22 08:21
Re: Does anyone remember me?
Author: refarkas

Great overhead shot - We normally see plows from on the ground, so this gives us a new perspective.

Date: 11/24/22 15:21
Re: Does anyone remember me?
Author: wpjones

Oh look! It SF's cute little Rotary. Like you said Lance last time I saw it was at Topeka on the North side of the shops and it looked really really tired. I heard  it went to South Dakota the year all the opperational BNSF rotarys were needed and basicly put it's tail between it's legs and ran the other way. To be fair alot of BNSF's rotays died up there that year (including Lincolns ex Q plow) and the UP sent the 080 up there from Cheyenne with Bob Krieger and other Steam Crew members to rescew a buried coal train.
Didn't the SF plow finally go to a museum?

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