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Nostalgia & History > MAC Monday, SD60MAC.

Date: 05/29/23 16:35
MAC Monday, SD60MAC.
Author: hank

Another clip from my chase of the three prototype/demonstrator SD60MAC locomotives along with an EMD test car.  Location is on the K line (BNSF Hannibal sub) at Montrose, Iowa in the fall 1992.

Thanks for viewing.

Ron Hirsch
Springfield, Mo.

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Date: 05/29/23 18:09
Re: MAC Monday, SD60MAC.
Author: AndyBrown

Great catch and video!  They sound good.


Date: 05/29/23 22:05
Re: MAC Monday, SD60MAC.
Author: mojaveflyer

Great video! I remember them working through Denver prior to the SD70-Macs being ordered.

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 05/29/23 22:47
Re: MAC Monday, SD60MAC.
Author: bnsfmodeler

Back when EMD was the king thanks for sharing


Date: 05/30/23 08:48
Re: MAC Monday, SD60MAC.
Author: rbenko

Cool train - thanks for posting!

May I suggest in the future when you digitize your videos that you do so in a 4:3 format to keep the aspect ratio the same as it was recorded - these seem to be done in 16:9, which elongates the horozontal, making everything look shorter and wider.

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