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Date: 11/06/04 13:53
Cleburn, TX in '73
Author: 3rdswitch

Here is a view of the Santa Fe's Cleburn, TX, shops on an August '73 visit.

Date: 11/06/04 22:19
Re: Cleburn, TX in '73
Author: xtra1188w

In April 1977, three of us railfans were granted permission to look around and through the shops at Cleburn on a saturday. There wasn't any work at all going on that day other than the servicing of and light minor running repairs to on duty locomotives, so we had the shops and that whole area pretty much to ourselves. This was right in the middle of the CF-7 program, and there was a lot to look at and photograph that day. There was a lot of old F unit parts in the dumpsters too, but to my regret now, I didn't make much of an effort to collect much of anything for souvenirs. The AT&SF didn't care if we took anything out of the dumpsters, it was just trash to them.
As soon as I figger out how to do a decent job of slide scanning, I'll post some of my photos from that day.


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