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Date: 07/24/05 11:08
"Gorme Koeppe" Photo Sampler
Author: KeyRouteKen

Ok Guys-- I know you couldn't wait to see at least a "couple" of historic photos from the "Gorme Koeppe Collection"-- former SP locomotive engineer.
I found a bunch of choice ones in my closet. I had to rip the album apart to scan them. I don't have time to scan them all right now.
However, here is a "sample" to show you what I'm talking about. Comments, please !!

"Key Route Ken"...

I don't know the date on this view, but it looks to possibly be a maintenance crew working on the Farwell Bridge in Niles Canyon, Niles, Calif, on the Southern Pacific..

'Gorme Koeppe Collection'

Date: 07/24/05 11:11
WP Articulated STEAM
Author: KeyRouteKen

Could this be THE "Spanish Creek" on the WP in the Feather River Canyon ??

"Gorme Koeppe Collection"

Date: 07/24/05 11:13
Re:NWP in 'Glen Ellen'
Author: KeyRouteKen

Here is a nice view of an early day NWP train at Glen Ellen, CA in 1919...

"Gorme Koeppe Collection"

Date: 07/24/05 11:17
Re: "Calvalcade at the T.I. Fair...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Here is a photo of the R&LHS loco "Jupiter" on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay for the "Calvalcade of the Golden West--1939" ...

"Gorme Koeppe Collection"

Date: 07/24/05 11:20
Re: Nevada Central Narrow Gauge
Author: KeyRouteKen

At the "Calvalcade of the Golden West" on Treasure Island in 1939, this Nevada Central narrow gauge car was dressed up as a UPRR baggage-combo... Anybody know these two gentlemen pictured ??

"Gorme Koeppe Collection"

Date: 07/24/05 11:23
Re: Nevada Central Narrow Gauge
Author: KeyRouteKen

OK-- You guys haven't seen "NOTHIN" yet! (grin)

The famous Michigan-Cal Lumber excursion train of 1938. Folks are excited and loading up here at Camino, CA..

"Gorme Koeppe Collection"

Date: 07/24/05 11:24
Re: Nevada Central Narrow Gauge
Author: KeyRouteKen

Sorry-- I labeled the previous photo Nevada Central instead of Mich-Cal Lumber..


Date: 07/24/05 11:30
Re: Any "Michigan-Cal Risk Managers" present ??
Author: KeyRouteKen

Again, the famous Michigan-Cal Lumber Excursion of 1938. This is only a partial shot of the railfan gang that showed up to take a ride. Look at them going over that trestle !!
"Hal Lewis" and the 'Pacific Limited Group' would pass out if you wanted to run a trip like this today !! (grin) Enjoy !!

This concludes the historic photo sampler from the "Gorme Koeppe Collection"--

Courtesy of "Key Route Ken" Archives...

Date: 07/24/05 11:33
Re: Any
Author: RebStout

Hi KeyRouteKen ...
Great stuff! You always seem to come up with interesting and rare photos...it certainly seems that you have a rather "extensive" collection. Thanks for sharing!!

Date: 07/24/05 11:45
Re: Any
Author: KeyRouteKen

Hi Reb--
Thanks for your comments. I don't have as much stuff as I once had. It gets to be overwhelming and takes up space.

Tony Johnson in Medford, Ore knows I have a pretty good FILM collection too.
He already accused me of probably having FILM of the driving of the golden spike at Promontory, Utah in 1869. (grin) (LOL)

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