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Date: 03/17/17 13:12
Pick Your Favorite
Author: kgmontreal

In honour of the day here's a green VIA F40 combined with commemorative wrap.  With the blowing snow and the wrapped unit in the trailing position it's not really a fair comparison.  But I know which one I like best.


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Date: 03/17/17 14:31
Re: Pick Your Favorite
Author: refarkas

I'll choose VIA 6443 for the locomotive and the ex-LRC (1st car in train) car as my choice for best passenger car. 

Date: 03/17/17 21:37
Re: Pick Your Favorite
Author: Train611

My Favourite is the "photo guy" who gets out there in the winter snow to get the images.

Nice work...


Date: 03/18/17 04:02
Re: Pick Your Favorite
Author: Ray_Murphy

The same consist returned to Montreal as Via #28 yesterday evening. #6402 is the wrapped F40.


Date: 03/18/17 20:07
Re: Pick Your Favorite
Author: feclark

A nice shot (when aren't they?), and in answer to your question, to my mind the VIA green scheme is the best livery the F40 series has worn anywhere! The curved separation works so well with what is otherwise a very inelegant nose. Choice for worst may be the GO Transit ones; although in general I loved the GO green, the slanted separation between the nose and car body just fought the lines of the locomotive.

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