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Date: 01/01/19 04:45
New Year Day 2005
Author: hoggerdoug

or "on this day" working south from Prince George BC on the BC Rail, January 1, 2005.
Happy New Year.
3 images at Prince George waiting at Miller switch for the northbound train to arrive, it was a bitterly cold afternoon in the great white north. This was the train my Conductor and I handled from Williams Lake and ran out of time at Dunkley and were relieved. Amazing in that we taxied to Prince George, had our rest and still had to wait for the re-crewed train to arrive.

Date: 01/01/19 04:47
Re: New Year Day 2005
Author: hoggerdoug

3 images at Dunkley while we switched the lumber mill there.  
Thanks for looking.

Date: 01/01/19 08:58
Re: New Year Day 2005
Author: gaspeamtrak

Nice stuff !
! My cousin has been in Winterpeg for the holidays and I was texting with him yesterday and he said it was -29 and -42 with the wind chill !!!!
I can only thank for those "hearty souls " who work for the railways up north or on the praires !!!
Happy New Year Doug ...

Date: 01/01/19 11:02
Re: New Year Day 2005
Author: TCnR

Pretty rough weather to say the least, at least there was sunshine to go with the wind.

That's one big-a.. wood chip cyclone in photo #2. Compare it to the office module/trailer on the ground.

Happy New Year.

Date: 01/01/19 15:04
Re: New Year Day 2005
Author: 1-12016

While working the third trick operator job at endako bc in nov 1964  train 423 arrived about 600am. it was -52 outside. While switching caboose,they lost the air. Well they spent 5 hours trying to get the ar back. no avail so the hogger anf fireman  idled the units and went to the bunkhouse and wait until the temp rose.

ozzie korsnes
ex cn operator trondheim norway


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