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Canadian Railroads > "Doomed train had speed control problems hours before derailment"

Date: 02/06/19 18:59
"Doomed train had speed control problems hours before derailment"
Author: Marcus

CP train 301 originated in Red Deer and was bound for Vancouver.
It's time at Keith, Alberta, was 15:25.
Keith is about 10 miles west of Calgary
and about 120 miles from Partridge and the derailment.
It was reported that the train began to move unexpectedly about 01:00.
It had been stopped in emergency for about two hours.
TSB said at its news conference that hand brakes were not used,
but retainers had been applied to "75 percent of the train", in "high pressure position".

The full TSB news conference can be found at a link embedded in this CBC article.


Postmedia has new reporting from a CP employee source.
"Doomed train had speed control problems hours before derailment"
"halted for two hours at Partridge station before lurching forward"


"All the people I work with are incredible professionals and we take care of each other."
CP engineer Carl Schnurr is quoted discussing his friends who perished.



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